Retreat at Adeline’s

It all started with a spontaneous “Let’s go camping!” cry 2 weeks ago at a birthday celebration, where we then found camping tedious and decided to try our luck on the famous retreat Sekeping Serendah but couldn’t get their blessing and instead stumbled upon this place in Gopeng called Adeline’s Rest House (Rumah Rehat Adeline). The rumah rehat is basically a back-to-basics style accommodation where guests are given traditional huts that are completed by only a fan and a few mattresses.  In addition to being a retreat in a lush green surrounding, there are various activities such as white water rafting, wet abseiling, ATV bikes and caving for those who seek adventure.

Once I got the reply from Serendah, I made an inquiry to Adeline’s. Surprisingly, they replied my request the next day and informed that there are available huts on the Labour’s Day long weekend. As we were pressed for time, I managed to get 9 of us to confirm their participation while Sheng Wei settled the deposit payment. All in a few day’s work! If that isn’t efficiency, I don’t know what is! =D

We arrived at Gopeng at noon and it wasn’t too long before we found our way through the small roads. We were early as the group occupying our huts hasn’t checked out, thus the staff asked us to proceed to the canteen for our lunch. The food provided was homey and very good. I liked the vegetable dishes served particularly as they were fresh and crunchy, a rarity in outside food. At dinner time, we were treated to a brilliant barbecue and satay feast. Even the breakfast served was no short of choices that it’s an unanimous agreement that the fee we paid was well worth it!

The hut itself couldn’t be any simpler – a basic hut with a fan and mattresses & pillows to sleep on. It was comfortable and with the chilling weather in the woods, there is no need for air-conditioning. In fact, there weren’t many mosquitoes either, so there’s nothing to stop you from having a good sleep. Ermm… except for the roosters. 😉

White Water Rafting

After checking in to our huts, we went for the white water rafting. According to the staff, the level of difficulty of the river is around 1-3 and is suitable for beginners. We were given a briefing first on the basics of rafting as well as body rafting in case our boat capsizes. This made sure that in event of capsize, we would remain calm and wait for the guide to toss the safety rope. After the briefing, we collected our gear and the guides went on to get us ‘warmed up’ for the water by letting us body raft at a safe area. Although much has been said about the techniques of body rafting, I still couldn’t get it and ended up drinking more water than I should.

Once onshore, we were split into groups and the actual rafting started. Being a first-timer, it was fun to maneuver through the various obstacles and drops. Though when we looked back at the video taped, we realized most of the work were done by our guides while we only contributed mostly to the accelerating part. =P Still it was a great experience and it actually sparked our interest in rafting that I’m sure  it won’t be soon before we go for our next trip. =D

ATV Bike

On the following day, we went for the ATV bike trip. As there were only 4 bikes available, we had to split into 3 groups. (The guide has to bring us around the track) We were taken to a nearby palm oil estate to drive through a muddy off-road tracks. The little bikes were really powerful and to add to the excitement, we stepped on the gas hard whenever possible. The entire course could be completed in about 45 minutes and the off road track really pushed the capabilities of these little buggers. Definitely the highlight of the trip! =)

In total, we spent about RM350 per person for the entire trip (Excluding logistics to the place). It wasn’t the cheapest ‘retreat’ around but it was well worth the price. The hut was very comfortable, the activities were fun and the food was superb! There are still activities that we would like to explore in the future, such as the Caving and Night Walk. (Apparently you’ll get to see some glow-in-the-dark mushrooms, wooooo!)

So peeps, when will our next time be?! =D

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