My passions include music, travel and photography. I’m not a great photographer, neither am I a great writer. But I love to blog because it gives me an avenue to both record my travel stories and publish my photos (Unfortunately Facebook and Instagram are horrible in compressing photos). The reason I named the blog “Xien Explores” is because I believe life is meant to be explored. Not just in the travel sense. Whether it’s learning a new skill or picking up new knowledge, life is a lot more exciting if we keep an open mind. While the blog revolves around travel photography, I didn’t want to limit it. So from time to time, expect some oddball posts that have nothing to do with the rest of the posts.

Welcome to my world!

Travel Guides:
Most of the newer travel posts would come with a “Travel Guide” section at the bottom should  you want to explore the locations yourself. I hope it would be helpful and feel free to shoot questions in the comments section.


Updated: 5th January 2018

15 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your cat photos…I could send you some for free if you like..Anna Cortez(JimMorrisonDedications)

  2. Hi Xien,

    I am enjoying reading your posts and viewing your photos. For someone with a quarter life crisis, you seem to be managing it quite well! Good luck with figuring it out, and keep writing!


    1. Hi Yulia!

      Thanks for the encouragement! =)
      I think this blog is and escape from routine life. Perhaps I would never figure it out at all and maybe that’s the whole point of life.

  3. I didn’t know Forest Gump was popular in other country’s lol, but its nice to meet you. I’m a photographer as well and love your work. I’m definitely following, your writing style is very creative also.

    1. Yes, I remember when I was a kid, there was a wide coverage of the movie and Tom Hanks. It left a deep impression in me I guess.

      Thanks for following my blog, looking forward to your future comments! =)

  4. Praise the Lord, i believe it’s divine connection tt brought me here n indeed i love ur writings! Deep in my heart I kno i m not here to read ur blogs but to deliver a divine message to u abt ur life!

    Yes i agreed lots ppl wants 2 live their life 2 d fullest but deep in their heart there is somehow an emptiness n loneliness tt cldnt b explained ….. their heart jst cannot b filled w contentm irregardless of how mch efforts they take to b happy! This is d dilemma tt most of ppl is sufferings b it d rich or poor…2 d extend some goto end their life jst 2 get rid of that awful feelings in d heart…….

    Yes, times flies very fast! Its good tt u asked urself now at tis age “wats life abt!” rather than till u went thru all d sufferings n darkness in life to b realized d true purpose of life!

    Let me fulfill d divine order here 2 answer all ur questions abt life bro Zen, wat a coincident, my son is hvg d same name! Do u kno who is Jesus? I do hope u say Yes as its truly sad for those tt never heard abt His great name! Yes, Jesus is d Son of God, He is d Light n Saviour tt our Father in heaven sent 2 d earth to reveal His great love. 2 all of us. John 3:16 Jesus is d only PerfectOne in eyes of God who is sinless n blameless n came 2 die n forgive all our sins past, present n future. Wat a beautiful saviour He is! He came also 2 destroy all d evil lies n works to lead us to d truth of life. Jesus is d oni one who die 4 us n raise fr dead aft 3 days.He gives light to our life w new hopes to bring d real purpose n meaning to our life, n lead us 2 d truth as only truth can set us free!

    Pls listen clearly here bro Zen, if u r seriously concern abt d doubts in ur life, i tell truth tt only Jesus has all d answers for u pertaining ur life as He is the only WAY, TRUTH n LIFE, noone can come to Father except through Him. John 14:6

    Dun wait anymore bro Zen, instead of jst travelling u may same time spend d precious time to get to kno Him to bring back d life tt u want! Praise God, my son jst got baptized! I always thanks God for this precious gift 2 me as a mum! As for myself, i stopped working n spent almost a year to get 2 kno Him w my heart n get closer 2 His heart. Wat a joy 2 discover tt d closer tt u get 2 Him is in fact d closer 2 kno ur heart 2 bring out ur Higher Self. I assured tt u wl never regret to embark on tis journey!

    Good Luck n God Bless

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