I’ve left the blog idle for the last few years. As much as I would like to document my thoughts, travels and photos, truth is there’s just too much work involved. When I started working after my travels in 2013, other priorities quickly took over. Through work I had the fortune of travelling to Indonesia, Hong Kong & Singapore and worked with people from various countries and backgrounds. With that, it has brought many challenges and demanded a lot of attention. In order to focus on my career, I decided that some of the less important stuff – such as this blog – will need to be put on a back burner.

Traditional Fisherman at Inle Lake, Myanmar

In the last few months, my wife and I had the fortune of travelling to various countries – Indonesia, Iran, Kenya & Tanzania. It was an amazing experience, and with it came lots of stories & photos. I’ve been asked by a few friends to blog the experience as well as provide guides to less-traveled places such as Iran. It certainly has re-ignited my interest in restarting the blog. Moreover, all these memories, if aren’t written down somewhere, will start to fade and get lost in time.

I came back to this week and was pleasant to be welcomed by a much more user-friendly console. It’s clean, modern and the latest themes/layouts are also made to be viewed in tablets and phones. I’ve also discovered a number of free themes that maximizes the space for photos – a valuable feature for photographers. In the past, I used to painstakingly edited the HTML code to ensure that all pictures are well-aligned. With a new theme and WordPress’s easy-to-use features, I suspect all that will be a thing of the past.

Waiting for sunrise at Mt.Bromo, Indonesia
Sunrise at Cappadocia, Turkey. One of the loveliest places I’ve been to.

Still, writing takes time and despite years of blogging, words have yet to flow as smoothly as brisk as I like. I’m not a natural writer. But I believe it’s just a matter of scheduling posting frequency and maybe reducing the overall word count. We shall see. I’m sure I’ll work something out.

For now though, welcome back and stay tuned for more post. Take care!

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