The Incredible Huck

Earlier this year, I chanced upon an article on The Star talking about the underground supper scene in Malaysia. Underground supper, also known as closed door restaurants allow chefs to serve their guests in the comfort of chef’s own homes. Many of these chefs are usually not ready to take on a fully fledge restaurant business but would still like to serve. It also allows chefs to experiment with dishes they otherwise couldn’t with a proper restaurants. Typically, an underground restaurant only serve limited number of patrons per night and they are by invitation. Due to the legal sensitivity, publicity on these establishments is low-key and usually by Facebook or word-of-mouth.

In comes Huck’s Cafe and its namesake owner, Huck Seng. Whilst they are a licensed business these days (I stand corrected), Huck’s Cafe still retains the essence and appeal of an underground supper club. Hidden in an unassuming bungalow in Bangsar, Huck’s serve a cuisine best described as fusion. The landscape around the house were beautiful and the interior had a Balinese vibe to it. Mellow and soothing. Here, time is a luxury you can afford. The table is all yours for the night.

To date, we’ve paid his cafe 2 visits and weren’t disappointed by the food. We took the RM88 surprise menu and both times Huck never fails to surprise. The food lends itself to a home cook style and Huck only uses the freshest ingredients to ensure the best taste. Made with such care and attention, no wonder he has gotten rave reviews from his past patrons.

The starter – a type of acar on top of crackers
Asparagus Soup
Wild Mushroom Soup
Kaffir Chicken Mushroom Pie – Apparently one of Huck’s newer dishes. It’s not your typical chicken as the presence of herbs (Kaffir lime perhaps?) puts an exotic spin to it.
Lamb Shank on Mashed Potatoes – A classic perfected by the Huck’s
Ocean Deep – An original creation.
Out of all the main dishes, this has to be my top favourite. Mom commented that it tasted a little like Siamese Laksa, but there was more to it than that. It had belacan, sambal heh bi (Some of the best heh bi I’ve eaten lol), bunga kantang (These are the bomb!) and an ample serving of seafood. This is one dish I simly couldn’t get enough of!
Beef Meatloaf
Grilled Salmon with Garlic Asparagus Lime Rice – Don’t let the picture fool you, the salmon steak was huge! Even my mom who usually steer clear from salmon loved it.
Another one of Huck’s specialities – Lemon Roasted Chicken
If you come in a big group, you could specially requested for a whole chicken. Roasting chicken is an art in itself but Huck does it so well without overcooking the chicken.

By the time we are done with our main courses, we were really full. But somehow their desserts would find their way into your stomachs because you can’t afford to miss them.

Durian Mudpie Ice Cream – Attention durian lovers! You’ll wait ALL NIGHT just for these! Trust Malaysians when they say they know durians better than anybody else. 😉
If you order the Crème brûlée, Huck would make a special appearance at your table
Crème brûlée – Another Huck’s Cafe staple

It says a lot when after our visits to Huck’s, we couldn’t stop reminiscing about their dining experience. Apparently, the whole idea started out when Huck posted photos of his cooking on Facebook. Somebody asked if he was starting a cafe. Despite not being professionally trained, Huck went ahead with the idea. If there was proof that passion and willpower alone could get you far, here’s the proof.

And if you’re a fan of food, then oh boy, you’re in for a treat.

Huck’s Cafe Facebook Page

“I wish… to return to Huck’s Cafe soon!” =D
Olympus PEN E-P2
Panasonic Lumix G 20mm f/1.7

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