Day Trip to Broga

Last Saturday, our Leo Club organized a social day trip to Broga, a place infamous for hiking. Of course, we skipped the hiking this time having done that a couple of times. Joshua brought us to the famed ikan bakar (Grilled fish in aluminium foil) as well as to the temple & waterfall.

We should do this more often. =D

The famed Broga Ikan Bakar
12 fishes for 15 of us! OD on protein indeed!
Yes we are illiterate! Just putting the proteins to good use apparently.
Group photo at the temple
And another one at the bridge
The giant and miniature durians
I dare you to steal from this stall!
Don’t get bitten by one of these gigantic ants
Teddy revealing the inner ballerina in him

The Olympus is starting to show its weakness through its poor dynamic range. Notice how the highlights in some of the photos are blown out? Still, it was a joy to bring it around and the

Olympus PEN E-P2
Panasonic Lumix G 20mm f/1.7

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