Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie

The first food post on this blog. =D

Here’s a bakery cum cafe that Cindy and I have have slowly going crazy over. Recommended by Wai Keng, we paid our first visit on Valentine’s Day and found ourselves returning just few days later.

Situated at Jalan Delima off Jalan Raja Chulan (Or Jalan Imbi depending on where you’re coming from), this converted bungalow serves everything from fresh bread & pastries to pasta & dessert. What separates Levain from the other bakeries is that they have a fully-imported Stone Oven that (In their own words) produces “softer breads and pastries with an exceptional taste and delightful texture”. How true that is is beyond my limited gastronomical knowledge, however the taste basically speaks for itself. One of our favourites that kept us coming back for more was the Turkey Ham and Eggs (Pictured below).

Although Levain seems like a nice place to hangout, it was rather packed when we were there. On off-peak hours though, I’m sure it would make a great venue for a catch up with friends and families. And when you’re there, let the whole vintage feel and the smell of fresh pastry sink in. You’ll see why we loved the place so much.


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