Miri, Sarawak

Being posted to an outstation location for work is always an opportunity to travel. However, being stationed in a small town like Miri for an accumulative period of 2 months, I’m starting to realize that maybe I’m not accustomed to the slower pace. I’m a city boy, after all.

Having that said, there are things I like about being in a small town. Firstly, there is none of the dreaded traffic jam in Kuala Lumpur. Secondly, the people here are nice. Thirdly, with the apartment located next to the coast, there’s always a nice breeze from the sea.

And the best thing about being next to the coast? The sunset.

Every evening, the sky would filled with hues of orange and purple. Depending on the weather, some days may be gloomier than others. But when the sky is clear, the sight of the Sun sinking into the abyss is something to behold.

I miss home.

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6 thoughts on “Miri, Sarawak

    1. Oh yes, the size of some of these mansions are crazy lolx.
      Night activities ok lar, more happening than Bintulu but not as much as KL hahah. As for cuci mata, yes yes… but I normally watch football only, not that kind of 1/2 ball. =P

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