From the odd part-time jobs and curriculum activities during my University days, I’ve come to learn that I’m someone who is self-motivated and always strive for the best. I remember that one of my sponsoring club’s Lions once told me that, “If you’re going to do something, why not put in your best effort?” It made so much sense that I applied it to my everyday life. To a certain extent, it has helped me excel in achieving my goals. Through those accomplishments, I had a sense of pride and convinced that these traits would be carried forward when I enter the workforce.

Little did I know that the corporate world was a whole different beast itself. To those who do not know me personally, I’ve graduated in 2009 with a double major of Marketing and IT. Since July 2009, I’ve been employed as an IT Support Specialist, SAP Functional to be exact. It was a dream job then as firstly, I wanted a SAP-related job. Secondly, the pay and benefits were good for a fresh grad and the work/life balance culture of my department had given me time to manage my club activities and hobbies. True enough, it gave me the motivation to learn as much as I could in the early days.

However, being self-motivated for the odd part time jobs is one thing, staying motivated after spending most of your working life in front of the laptop is another. As time passes by, working life was starting to get too comfortable for my own good.  Going to work has become routine and I’ve got accustomed to it. It felt like a job that needs to be done and less of a challenge. At a certain point, I’ve even casually questioned if I’m in the right industry or whether I’m cut for an IT job that’s lacking of human interaction. Though, I rarely complain despite these minor setbacks.

Late last year, a good friend of mine told me that even though I’m not actively looking for a new job, I should update my resume and keep an eye on the market. It’s a way to keep oneself floating and not too sticky to a company. It hit me then that I was indeed getting too sticky and it may not be the best for myself. I realized too that I won’t be in the 20s for long and it is during these years that I should be going at full throttle. If these years are to go to waste, there will be little if no time left once I settle down. Subsequently, I updated the resume.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I received an offer from a different company (FYI, same industry but a new set of challenges and job scope). It promised me a good learning opportunity but at the same time forewarned that there won’t be room for contemplation. Suddenly, there was a good chance that I will be spending my entire workdays with a different bunch of people in a different set of environment. Truth to be told, I wasn’t prepared. Prior to that, I thought that it would be easy when a really good offer comes along but it was almost a 360 degree change. It took me a few weeks to take it in and make a decision. Believe me, it was a hard one and I referred to friends and family whom I trust  (To those who were so supportive, I don’t know how to thank you guys.) before coming to the final decision. I knew I had nothing to lose and it’s a leap of faith worth taking. Calculated risk, if you will. Last week, I tendered my resignation.

A few days ago, an ex-schoolmate text me to ask if I’m interested in playing guitar for a gig this week. Bear in mind that my guitar has been neglected cruelly due to other commitments and an indie gig may not be the best place to start playing again. Nevertheless for the rest of the day, I was so damn hyped up by the prospects of performing in public again (Even though it may be a one-off.) and couldn’t wait to start the first practice. I got so excited that I accepted his invitation immediately.

That adrenaline rush was a familiar feeling I haven’t felt for a long time. I knew I need to channel that youthful energy in my new workplace to get the best out of myself.  The timing of the gig couldn’t be better.

Wish me luck.

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  1. On a sidenote, I want to thank those who has subscribed to my blog. By being Freshly Pressed last week, I’ve received lots of exposure I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Thanks for sticking around, it means a lot. =)

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