Being partner of an amateur photographer, you are naturally subjected to countless shutter clicks and modelling. So, please allow me to introduce you to the victim in my case; whom I suspect would be a recurring character of the blog, no less – Ms.Cindy Megasari! *Round of applause please*

Well the real introduction here is not actually to her alone, but rather about the blog.

First of all, you might ask – Why create a blog when the trend is in its declining stage? Well whilst trends come and go, I believe proper journalism would always be in fashion. That includes blogs as well as being a public form of personal journals, they capture stages of life of a person. And what better way to understand a person than through writing? Basically, it’s as honest as it gets.

Looking back at my old blog, it was lovely to see the transformation of a naive college student to a young adult. Which leads us to the 2nd question, why switch to WordPress? Simple – it looks more professional.

Speaking of WordPress, there is a cool tutorial section where it supposingly guides you to blog stardom and one of the advice was to focus your blog on a particular topic to draw loyal readers. Now I gave it some thought (Don’t want to compromise that blogstar dream, do we?), but unfortunately I couldn’t pinpoint on one.

So I simply decided that blog will be about – me!

That aside, I hope that this blog can be a two-way communication thing. Sharing is always caring and through this blog, I hope to share the joys – and frowns – of my life. It always nice knowing that somebody cares, so drop a comment on and off. Of course, constructive criticism of any kind is always welcome, so feel free to voice them out no matter rude it is.

An oh… least I forget, I’m striving to keep these posts as short as possible. Hence, this one ends here.



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